Individual Liberties

John is a lifelong supporter of our Second Amendment and a gun owner like most Virginians. We are at a point in history where it is time to stand up and fight for our liberties, no more caving to the left’s anti-gun agenda. We should be able to go to our houses of worship without fear that a politician in D.C. or Richmond might be able to stop services. We have done what has been asked of us and followed guidelines that we were told would last weeks, not months and certainly not a year of being locked down. Enough is enough, this nation was built on individual rights and liberties and John Castorani will fight to protect those very rights!

Small Government

We have seen over the last year what an overreaching government is capable of, from shutting down small businesses to keeping our children out of schools, it’s clear big government is only getting bigger. John believes in small government and getting the Federal government out of ever day American’s way. Over the last four years we saw what a positive impact deregulation had on our economy and day to day lives. In the last 4 months we’ve seen skyrocketing gas prices, a volatile economy and declining employment rates. Clearly big government doesn’t work and it’s time we send people to Congress that will fight to limit government overreach.

National Security

John has served as a Combat Veteran in the United States Army and has worked in the Intelligence Community, he understands the significance of National Security. We have threats to our national security coming from Russian hackers stopping our pipelines, China provoking us in anyway they can, and the constant unrest in the Middle East aimed at our strongest ally, Israel. We need to send people to Congress that understand these issues and will have real world experience in finding solutions to these problems. John has over a decade of that very experience and he will bring much needed insight to Congress. We made major improvements to our nation’s security over the last four years but we need to continue that by strengthening our borders at home as well. We have the technology to monitor and control our borders, it’s time we put it to use.