John Castorani Announces Campaign To Take Back Virginia’s 7th Congressional District


ORANGE COUNTY, VIRGINIA – John Castorani, a sixth-generation Central Virginian and Army Special Operations Combat Veteran, has announced his campaign to take back Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

“I was honored to serve seven tours with the Army Special Operations Command and in the Intelligence Community, and I hunted down the terrorists who attacked our American Diplomatic Compound in Benghazi. I committed my life to defend the Constitution, protecting our liberties, and preserving the American Dream for future generations.”

John says he is running because of his love of the country, which he calls the greatest nation in history. “I owe my entire life and livelihood to this wonderful nation and its grateful citizens. I met my wife while serving this country, our home is secured with a VA Home Loan, and our colleges were paid for by our GI Bills. Krissy and I would not be afforded the opportunities laid before us without this great nation which is why I cannot sit idly on the sidelines any longer as radical politicians continue to divide us.

Congress has essentially become incompetent and ineffective due to political infighting and divide, unable to legislate for the American people, unable to put the American people before their political party. In the military, you are taught to complete the mission, no matter what, and to be whatever our nation needs us to be; no matter your race, religion, ethnicity, or creed if you do not come together to accomplish the mission, people could die.”

Castorani notes that we currently have only 91 members of the 117th Congress (74 in the house) who are veterans, the lowest since WWII which he believes may explain the hyper-partisan divide. “I fear as we continue down the path of an ineffective government that does not represent the American people, the void will continue being filled by Corporate America who has proven better caretakers than our legislators. I am running for Congress, to represent all Americans, to put WE THE PEOPLE before their political party. That’s true patriotism.”

John says he took an oath “to solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same”. Same oath, new mission. It’s time that we the people demand better because we deserve better, we can dictate who governs us and in 2022 we will do just that.” Castorani was born in Henrico County, raised in Louisa County, and attended Fork Union Military Academy in Fluvanna County before enlisting in the United States Army at age 17. After 9 years of service, John continued to serve as an Intelligence Officer, deploying to Africa and the Middle East. He and his wife Krissy, an intelligence officer in the intelligence community and Air Force veteran with multiple deployments with Joint Special Operations Command, live in Orange with their son, Slade, and family Doberman, Mattis.

Castorani’s campaign has already raised more than $100,000 in the second fundraising quarter. “My campaign to win back the 7th District is firing on all cylinders, and our grassroots fundraising total is proof that voters are ready to re-take the House and send a principled conservative to Washington.”

John Castorani is available for media requests and interviews and is especially interested to talk about issues that effect Virginians in the 7th district and across the USA. He is also to speak with your group or civic organization.